Food Service

Our delicious deli meats, entrees, and side dishes can bring your food to the next level. We have produced high quality products since 1978 and supplied prominent customers such as Togo’s, Kraft, Subway, Harris Ranch, Kahala Development, and more. An international sandwich chain has also set our pastrami as the gold standard for all of their pastrami manufacturers.

Burnett’s pastrami and roast beef are tender yet don’t fall apart when sliced. Choose from one of our three varieties of pastrami, such as our flagship pastrami with its smoky mahogany color and pepper finish. We also offer tasty roast beef products to suit the palate and budget of your customers.

In addition to deli meats, we produce broader food products including peppered carnitas, prime rib, braised cabbage, and more. Burnett fine foods uses meat that is hand trimmed of fat and cartilage for ideal flavor and consistency. Our portfolio also includes certified organic, vegetarian, halal, and gluten-free items.

Looking for something special? We love working with customers to create custom products. Contact us to request samples and taste Burnett quality for yourself.

Some of Our Food Service Products


Cowboy Ribeye

Sesame Soy Beef Shortribs

Beef Sukiyaki

Prime Rib

Tri Tip

Sliced Roast Beef

Roast Beef 

London Broil

Sliced Lean Pastrami

Sliced Pastrami



Lamb Shank with Pomegranate Fig Sauce

Lamb Shank Osso Bucco

Lamb Vindaloo

Pork & Turkey

Pulled Pork



Braised Cabbage

Organic Ratatouille