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The Amazing Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking

With Sous Vide being mentioned everywhere these days, many people are curious about it and wondering “what is Sous Vide?” as well as “is Sous Vide better than traditional cooking methods?” We aim to provide answers to both questions, as well as to list the many benefits of Sous Vide and explain why your best choice is to purchase Sous Vide food your customers will love.

Pronounced “sue veed,” the term is a French one meaning “under vacuum.” Simply put, meat, vegetables, and so forth are vacuum-sealed in bags prior to being cooked using precise temperature control. The practice of Sous Vide cooking has long been employed in fine restaurants because of the many advantages it offers compared to traditional slow cooking methods. Those advantages carry over regardless of where the food is being served and is the absolute best choice for businesses that provide heat-and-eat meals to consumers on a large scale. Following are only some of the many advantages Sous Vide has over other forms of cooking.

Perfect, Consistent Results Every Time

With traditional oven-cooking, food is only perfectly cooked for a relatively short window of time. Take it out too soon and it’s undercooked (possibly dangerously so), take it out too late and it’s overcooked: dry, tough, blackened…ruined. This is because food in an oven or on a burner continues to cook as long as heat is applied to it, and for a while after. Thus, it’s relatively difficult to time everything in order to ensure perfectly-cooked food, and even the best chefs will occasionally under or over-cook meals.

With Sous Vide, food will never exceed the programmed temperature controls. What this means is that once the perfect temperature is reached, it will not overcook. Even novice cooks will find it virtually impossible to produce anything less than perfect meals. Sous Vide guarantees consistent results with textbook doneness. Customers will be thrilled with the quality of the meals they can produce with Sous Vide products. In turn, happy customers will continue to buy food these products and maybe even give you invaluable word of mouth advertising.

Food Safety & Longer Shelf Life

A home chef is charged with handling ingredients in a safe manner as well as to not serve undercooked meats which could possibly make people ill. This is an issue that retailers must face when selling foods that are meant to be cooked in an oven or on a stovetop. Obviously, once somebody has suffered food poisoning, they will be unlikely to purchase the food product again, regardless of the fact that the fault lay with the cook rather than the retailer. With Sous Vide products, however, the food purchased by the consumer is already in its vacuum-sealed packaging and it’s exceedingly difficult for the food to be undercooked to such a degree that it would pose a danger.  In fact, Sous Vide meals remain shelf-stable for an astounding three to four weeks after being cooked! Customers will love the quality and safety they enjoy with Sous Vide.

Superior Flavor, Texture & Volume

Sous Vide cooking allows food to be perfectly cooked within its sealed pouch so the herbs and spices can truly permeate everything, and without the inevitable drying out and shrinkage that takes place with oven-cooked foods. This results in truly flavorful meals that are head and shoulders above anything in terms of taste and quality. Customers will soon be spoiled and unwilling to settle for anything less than food products produced by Sous Vide cookery.

Burnett Fine Foods was one of the first food manufacturers to produce Sous Vide products. In fact, we have been perfecting this art for more than 30 years. Contact us today to find out more about how Sous Vide meals will please your customers and improve your bottom line!